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Lawn Aeration Service by Piedmont Lawn and Landscape

Lawn aeration, overseeding and compost dressing help keep your lawn lush, green and healthy.

Lawn aeration involves removing plugs of soil so that water, air and nutrients can better reach the grass roots and keep your grass healthy and strong.

By creating holes in the soil, aeration makes it easy for fertilizer and water to penetrate the soil and nourish your lawn. Aeration also encourages deeper root growth by giving grass roots the space they need to grow deeper to access nutrients, air, and moisture. Roots that are healthy and grow deep are less likely to be affected by drought and diseases.

Aeration prepares your land to withstand cold temperatures during the winter months.

Compost dressing improves the moisture-holding capacity of your soil, adds nutrients and feeds soil microbes that help to feed and nourish grass. A healthy microbe population encourages the growth of a lush, green lawn.

The best time to overseed a lawn is right after it has been aerated. The cool nights and mild, shorter days of fall provide ideal conditions for grass seed germination. Grass seed is better able to retain moisture when the weather is cool and mild, and grass seedlings will thrive without the extreme heat that occurs in the summer months.

A lawn that is never overseeded will have trouble maintaining vigorous growth, competing with weeds and dealing with other lawn stresses. Also, new varieties of grass species are entering the market every year so it is beneficial to integrate grass that may be resistant to drought, disease or insect damage into a lawn with older varieties without these features.

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